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Puck Lock HASP Kit Model V1

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If you are looking to secure a door you will love this lock HASP. As you can see we have a lock holder tab so once you unlock the door you have somewhere to put the lock. Other lock HASP have nowhere to put the lock once you unlock it. This can lead to a lost lock! Our HASP has solved that problem with the addition tab to hold the lock. 


Our locks are made 100% in the USA! We offer the best support! If you have a question or just need help we are here! For any application questions please feel free to call or email.


  • 3/16 Steel
  • 1/4 HASP shield
  • Black textured finish
  • Made 100% USA
  • Includes puck lock 
  • High Security 7 pin tubular lock cylinder

Carriage bolts are not included with this kit. You will need to determine what length bolts are needed in order to blot the HASP on. The HASP is designed to use standard 3/8 carriage bolts. Please contact us with any questions.

*Please note, product pictures may not represent current model, as products are revised.

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