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Model 2516-J (For 2 5/16" Jayco Travel Trailers)

Model 2516-J (For 2 5/16" Jayco Travel Trailers)


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    Model 2516-J (For 2 5/16" Jayco Travel Trailers)

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    If you have been looking for a Jayco Trailer Lock then you can stop here!. We have designed the best trailer lock for your Jayco trailer. If you have a Jayco trailer then you know how hard it is to find a good lock to fit your coupler. It does not get any better then this!

    Rest assured Proven Industries trailer lock will leave you with simply the best coupler lock on the market. The all new designed Jayco Trailer Lock was engineered with a new compartment just for your safety chains. This new compartment can fit 5/16'' clevis pin hooks and 3/8'' clevis pin hooks.

    Fine Print

    Trailer coupler lock model 2516-J may not fit all Jayco trailer couplers, this is the most common style but the manufacture could use a different coupler without notice. It is always best to wait till you have your trailer before ordering a lock. Please look at trailer coupler lock index pictures, if you do not see your style trailer coupler please fill out the contact form to ensure you will get the correct trailer coupler lock. This style will now allow you to secure safety chains inside the lock.

    *Please note, product pictures may not represent current model, as products are revised.  All locks are now upgraded to 7 pin tubular lock at no additional cost.

    Lock Core

    Cobra 7 (Standard Aluminum)

    The Cobra 7 is a patented key system that was developed for the high-security needs in the vending industries. The COBRA tubular keyway is like no other with its 7 sided tubular keyway, this unique feature stops anyone from going to a hardware store to copy your key. This product offers a high-security solution for those that are looking for excellent exterior performance. COBRA 7 comes standard in all of our products at no additional cost.


    The Cobra 7 system is geared for the business owner looking for a great performing lock system at an affordable price with key control.

    Medeco M3 (Standard Stainless Steel)

    Medeco comes as one of the oldest High-security lock manufacturers in the USA. You will find this high-security lock in most prisons, government facilities, and even the White House! This particular lock is virtually impossible to pick due to its rotating pins that not only need to be at the right height but the right rotation in order to unlock.


    Medeco is typically needed for the high-security needs of companies that need key control or grandmaster key solutions. All parts are machined out of brass and hardened steel, for the combination of great exterior performance and high-security needs.



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