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Model 400-SS

Model 400-SS


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    Model 400-SS

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    Model 400-SS puck padlock with hidden shackle (2 Medeco M3 keys included)

    Machined from a solid bar of 303 Stainless Steel and fitted with a 6 pin pick resistant cylinder.

    Medeco M3 High Security Cylinders feature UL437 Listed physical strength components like the triple locking technology for ultimate pick resistance and solid brass construction with strategically placed hardened inserts to thwart drilling attacks.

    This model is a great upgrade for our coupler lock system. 400-SS version puck lock has no step-back. This product is not meant to be used with rear or side door HASP of trailers due to the inconsistent gap that the trailer manufacturers hold. Model 400-SS puck lock is precision and works as an upgrade for our coupler lock system. If you purchase this model for trailer doors it will be at your own risk and you most likely have to correct the gap on your trailer doors. *Please see our 400XL Model for rear and side doors**

    • 303 Stainless Steel lock body
    • Torch resistant
    • 2 Medeco M3 keys per lock
    • Pick resistant
    • 3 lbs of Stainless Steel!

    Fine Print

    Puck Lock Dimension's 

  • Body diameter : 73mm - 2-7/8" 
  • Body height :38mm - 1-1/2" 
  • Shackle opening depth clearance : 32mm - 1" 
  • Shackle opening width : 44mm - 1-3/4" 
  • Shackle opening height : 22mm - 1/2"
  • Distance pin from back of lock : 8.5mm - 11/32"

    Maintenance Disclaimer: Please note preventative maintenance will be required in order to keep your lock cylinders functioning properly. This is especially likely in extreme weather climates. Graphited fluid will be needed to extend the life of your lock, by sealing out moisture and providing protection against freezing. Please inquire for additional information. 


    *Please note, product pictures may not represent current model, as products are revised. 

    Lock Core

    Cobra 7 (Standard Aluminum)

    The Cobra 7 is a patented key system that was developed for the high-security needs in the vending industries. The COBRA tubular keyway is like no other with its 7 sided tubular keyway, this unique feature stops anyone from going to a hardware store to copy your key. This product offers a high-security solution for those that are looking for excellent exterior performance. COBRA 7 comes standard in all of our products at no additional cost.


    The Cobra 7 system is geared for the business owner looking for a great performing lock system at an affordable price with key control.

    Medeco M3 (Standard Stainless Steel)

    Medeco comes as one of the oldest High-security lock manufacturers in the USA. You will find this high-security lock in most prisons, government facilities, and even the White House! This particular lock is virtually impossible to pick due to its rotating pins that not only need to be at the right height but the right rotation in order to unlock.


    Medeco is typically needed for the high-security needs of companies that need key control or grandmaster key solutions. All parts are machined out of brass and hardened steel, for the combination of great exterior performance and high-security needs.


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